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Artist In Residency






“The Peace Garden Song and Mural Project” is a multidisciplinary, mindfulness and performing arts artist-in-residence opportunity for your school, temple, or institution.   The program was developed by Singer/Songwriter Scott Massarsky and muralist Jennifer Levine based on their shared commitment to engaging children in peacemaking through the arts. During this residency students will collaborate on inspiration for an original song, then using images from the song, design and paint a giant mural on the themes of peace, cooperation, and community. The final product offers the school an original song and a permanent piece of art that declares loudly and proudly that the school values peace and safety for all inside and all who enter. Murals are executed directly onto the wall or on canvas for portability. Projects adapted for
K-12.  We also offer a follow-up residency where students get to record their song in a professional setting.





* Engages all types of learners using a unique process of art

and music, reaching students on many levels



* This project is site-specific and caters both its process and result to each individual school's needs and core curriculum



* With our specific peace process and mindfulness theme
we encourage students to explore empathy, reflection, and
self- awareness



* We encourage and foster teacher, administrative, and student collaboration, as having everyone's input is what makes each residency unique and special.



*Educates children about the Power of Peace –

and explores ideas of making peace with oneself, with each other, and the world.



*Empowers children to realize their vision through creating art.



Day 1

* Artist introduction

* Imagination journey

* Song/peace garden image brainstorming

* Singing with Scott


* Artists sketch vines

(container for students images) on wall


Day 2

* Students learn song

* Students choose images and ideas

from song and sketch them on the wall


Day 3

* (Painting Day) Students paint the mural for

20 minutes each in groups of 5


Day 4

* Students who didn’t have a chance

to paint the day before, paint today.

* Artists touch up, paint in lyrics of song,

and finish painting mural


Day 5

* Artists paint with parent volunteers 

5 day residency

Once the song and mural are complete we customize a special ceremony either on the last day or on another date where the students sing their song and have a ribbon-cutting ceremony.  Parents, teachers, community members, and the entire school is welcome.  This ceremony is a celebration of the students' dedication to their process, vision of peace, and how they are empowered by sharing this with others.

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