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Frequently Asked Questions



1. What are the specific benefits that students attain from participating in the Peace Garden Project?


Students who participate in the Peace Garden Project will benefit by:


  • participating in  a collaborative mural - brainstorming, problem solving and team building.


  • learning visual arts skills including composition, critique, and color mixing


  • receiving an introduction to mindfulness practice (which supports focus, helps regulate emotions and enhances creativity.)


2. Does The Peace Garden Project  fulfill any of the NJ state core curriculum visual art standards?


Yes. This project meets many of the state core standards. Details provided upon request.


3. Will this project further our school’s Anti-bullying mission?


Yes. Our curriculum blends many of the concepts developed in the New Jersey State Bar Association's Anti-bullying curriculum. Details provided upon request.


4. What are the specific benefits that schools attain from participating in the Peace Garden Project?


Schools that participate in the Peace Garden Project will benefit by receiving:


  • a permanent, inspirational, student-created mural


  • student mindfulness training


  • a professional development session on mindfulness and creativity​


5. How many school days does the project take to begin and complete?


This project takes a minimum of 5 school days to complete.


6. How many students usually participate in this project?


Typically 100 students are chosen as core participants. These students take part in all steps of the project.


7. How is a daily and weekly project schedule created for each school?


We work with the principal and school team to craft a project schedule that’s non-disruptive and meshes with the typical school day. Often students participate in the residency during their designated art classes. Each student works with residency artists for a maximum of 30 minutes for 4 days.


8. Is there a ceremony at the end of the residency?

Yes. We facilitate a celebration/ ceremony for the entire school as well as parents and community members.


9. How long does it take for you to set up (prior to students starting the project each day) and then break down/clean up (after the Project is finished each day)?


We need one hour to set up and then one hour to break down/clean up each day.


10. How long does the project remain on display?


The murals are permanent, and the portable panels are gifts to the school with flexibility to be hung and moved at the schools’ discretion.


10. Can the Project be used in private and parochial schools?


Yes. The content, theme, and message of the project is universal and non-denominational. Each project is taylored to meet the specific theme requirements of each school.


11. What’s the age range of students who usually participate in the project?

We adapt our curriculum for every age. We’ve done residencies with Pre-K, elementary, and high school students.


12. Do you provide the materials and supplies to create the project or do the schools?


We provide everything except the paints, which can be donated by a local hardware store or provided by the school 

For more information about the Peace Garden Mural Project, please call 973-634-3378 or E-mail:




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