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Mountain Lakes High School


The thing that impressed us the most about the students was their willingness to try something new and how well they worked with each other.  This was our first time working with high school students and I was amazed by how they responded to the meditation.  In fact, several students commented later that it was their favorite part of the week and how it helped them relax and that they haven't felt that calm in a long time. Many students came up with images that were central to the mural, but everyone contributed no matter what their level or background was in art or drawing.  After I wrote the song, I collaborated with four of Charles Sundquist's AP music theory class students to work out the arrangement and instrumentation.   The performance at the end was very rewarding; many of the students were not used to singing or performing and I was grateful for their openness and voices. 

“This was such a wonderful experience for our students at Mountain Lakes High School, to have art and music come together in our halls.  It’s going to live on our walls forever and that’s such a testament to our students, the arts, to our honor code and I can’t be more pleased as Principal of Mountain Lakes.”

               Principal Jeremy Davies

The Song: We Are One


Sometimes its hard to feel

We’re spinning like a wheel

But we’re turning this thing

We’re turning this thing around


Something it starts to change

The key and lock remains

But it’s in your hands It’s in your hands



We are one,

We are strong

We can help each other along

We can work together,

We can work together


It all comes down to trust

It’s the only way to love

We’re turning this thing

We’re turning this thing around


It all comes down to me

It’s my responsibility

To take care of all the things that are given to me

There a million different possibilities



We are one

We are strong

We can help each other along

If we work together

If we work together



And sometimes we all begin to fall fall

So send me a sign or just call call


We all fall sometimes

We all fall sometimes

But together we can climb back up again


All things they intersect

So we treat all with respect

So you will know how much

How much you mean to me.

Cause all living things want to be free.

Jennifer and I are indebted to  art teacher Linda Aldrich  for her guidance, trust, and enthusiasm for the project.  She really helped us reach the students and was extremely involved.  Everyone we met at Mountain Lakes High School was helpful and Jennifer and I learned so much from each individual who participated.

For more information about the Peace Garden Song and Mural Project, please call 973-634-3378 or E-mail:


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