Our Process

We begin our residency by talking with the students about what peace means to them.   Afterwards, we  give them time to draw, write down their ideas, and fill out our peace worksheets.

Songwriting Process

Singer/songwriter Scott Massarsky collects the students' drawings and peace garden worksheets and creates an original song.   Scott then teaches the students their new song. 

The Mural

Jennifer works with the students as they draw and then paint the images and lyrics from their song onto a dedicated mural wall.

Closing Ceremony

Once the song and mural are complete, we customize a special ceremony either on the last day of our Peace Garden Project week or on another date where the students sing their song and have a ribbon cutting .  Parents, teachers, community members, and the entire school are welcome to attend.  This ceremony is a celebration of the students' dedication to their process, vision of peace, and how they are empowered by sharing this with others.



For more information about the Peace Garden Song and Mural Project, please call 973-634-3378 or E-mail:  jennifermeglevine@gmail.com