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“Painting A Song” is a growing collaboration between artist Jennifer Levine and Songwriter Scott Massarsky. 


It started about five years ago when Jennifer invited Scott to her studio to play his music while she painted. 


She loved the energy of his music and it began to inspire the direction of her paintings.  This led to discussions, planned visits, and experimentation of  this process. 


Words and images from the songs started finding their ways into her painting and Scott started writing songs inspired by her pieces.  They now exhibit these paintings and put on shows where Scott performs his songs while Jennifer creates new paintings during the live performance.

Painting a Song

Painting a song performances can be adapted to any setting and venue and many have specific themes to tie in to events or festivals. 


The Parting - Songs and images related to events of the Holocaust


Opening Heart - inspired by love, loss, tea, nature, rumi, spirituality, ladybugs, umbrellas, science, and sunflowers




Upcoming performances:

Saturday November 8th, 7:30 at the Jewish Museum in Newark 



"To see Jennifer painting in tandem and in response to Scott's guitar isn't so much an act of taking in visual information, nor is it, precisely, like watching any kind of performance, no matter how broadly defined.  It's more like you're a part of the currents of creativity itself---part melody, part spontaneity, part color, part form, part dance, and part sheer, unadulterated joy.  Hypnosis has never felt so good---or so inspiring"

                                     Jennifer Moses

For more information please call 973-634-3378 or E-mail:

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